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LA Wedding Invitations
LA Wedding Invitations
Useful recommendations on how to create your wedding invitations

Designing your wedding invitation often is a stressful experience. Most people quite frankly do not have either time or the knowledge to sort through the endless customization options that are available in the marketplace. Regardless of whether you plan to create and print your own invitation, buy wedding invitations online or make use of the help of an experienced stationer in your neighborhood, these useful recommendations may assist.

Helpful Pointers on Selecting your Wedding Invitations

Select your wedding papers first and foremost. The dimensions, feel and weight of your wedding stationery are undoubtedly the most important consideration when choosing your wedding invitation. The substance and quality of the cardstock speaks to the importance of the event. Good quality cardstock is, in my estimation, a pre-requisite for a well-crafted wedding invitation.

If you make your very own wedding invitation, please make sure that you've coordinating envelopes for the cardstock dimensions and stock that you have selected. Too many times have we seen a well-crafted DIY invitation, but no matching envelope. Although it may decrease your design options, we suggest loose wedding papers and envelopes that match the invitation and the reply card set. Furthermore, bear in mind that if you plan to print your own invitations, #96 paper is about the thickest that will fit through an inkjet printer without jamming.

Although colored paper stock is often beautiful and may work nicely with the concept of your wedding ceremony, it is frequently difficult to flat-print on colored cardstock. For instance, it you select red or navy paper stock, you most likely will need to engrave the invite to insure that ink colors are correctly shown. Engraving or letterpress, while stunning, raises the price of invitations. Generally speaking, you can obtain the the exact same impact by using white or ecru paper and simply print in bold ink colors or use colored or patterned envelope liners to complement your wedding theme.

Correct wording etiquette is essential in a well-designed wedding invitation. Even though a skilled stationer in town ought to know the correct wording, it might be wise to buy of a copy of Crane's Blue Book if you are wording your invitation.

Make sure that you purchase enough wedding invitations. Most companies sell wedding invitations in batches of 25 and we recommend to bridal couples that they buy a minimum of 25 more invitations than they need in case that someone was unintentionally overlooked or you've last second guests. A second printing of your invitation is very costly so make certain you order sufficient.

Prior to you send your invitations, which generally includes a reply card and perhaps a directions card, it is advisable of having the wedding invitation and enclosures weighed at the local Post Office. There is nothing more upsetting than having your invitation returned because you lacked adequate postage.

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