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maid-rite franchise

maid-rite franchise
An overview of maid-rite franchise

Maid-Rite is a casual dining franchise restaurant chain in america. It was opened in 1926 by Fred Angell as a single restaurant and by late twenties, four franchises were approved. Till1984, Angell family was controlling the restaurant chain and maid-rite franchise. Later, a farmer from Russell, Iowa, Clayton Blue and contractor from Des Moines, John Gillotti bought the partnership. Today, Bradley L. Burt is the CEO and president of Maid-Rite Corporation that is located in Des Moines, Iowa and has more than 70 locations. The corporation is looking for more growth, especially in the central and southwestern United states. The restaurant chain has extensive franchisee support capabilities and is always on the lookout for the right individuals who are self motivated and will take pride in the work.
Maid-Rite franchise restaurants were ahead of their time. They were the first ones to develop walk-up windows and drive-up for customer convenience. Customer’s satisfaction was always at the top of their menu. Offering great tasting food at an affordable price and in a friendly as well as clean environment has always been their priority. Maid-Rite has always been known for hometown hospitality. Another aspect these Rite restaurants are known for is for following planet-friendly footsteps.

Green and Clean
Ecological sanitation and paper recycling are laid stress on in order to reduce wastage and keep the restaurants meticulously clean. Tork systems encourage right methods of hand washing so as to keep everyone healthy and motivate good habits.

One will come across one-at-a-time dispensing at Maid-Rite franchise restaurants that minimizes paper usage and thus waste. Tork is able to recycle more nearly 800, 000 tons of paper each year, and a major portion of it is post-consumer. These cumulative recycling efforts help in conserving natural resources and reduce burden on landfills. These practices contribute to their sustainable corporate philosophy and increases hygienic practices. Proctor & Gamble products are used in the Rite restaurants such as Spic & Span Floor Cleaner and Broad range Sanitizer to keep them squeaky clean. Keep everything clean and green that is the motto that works here.

Great food
As for the food, nothing can beat those delicacies that are served at Maid-Rite franchise restaurants. Enjoy generous helpings of delicious pork and loose meat in those fresh buns. Some of the favorites with customers are the original maid-rite, a perfectly done sandwich with ground beef meat, or the cheese-rite with American, Swiss or mozzarella. It is hard to resist those tenderized pork that is seasoned and lightly-breaded. Enjoy the chicken sandwich or the beer battered cod filet. You should not forget to try those signature sandwiches at Rite. Some huge favorites are grilled chicken sandwich and the Iowa cheese steak. Enjoy some great wraps at Maid-Rite and feel the fresh crunch of tomatoes, cucumber, spring mix, cucumber and other mixed greens on your taste buds. Gourmet Salads include Rite Signature Salad Chicken, Mixed Greens Salad and much more. The goodies don’t end there as some Malts & Shakes await you here at Rite. You can pick from Strawberry, Peach, Chocolate and don’t forget to try out Maid-Rite Vanilla Blend. Enjoy Root Beer, Pepsi and different flavors in ice-cream. The food is cooked to perfection and you will get every mouthful packed with nutrition but light on calories. No wonder the customers make a beeline for those special sandwiches that one gets only at Maid-Rite.

Maid-Rite is well known for its Party Pack that one can send anywhere in the country. It includes one Maid-Rite hat, one red-logo Maid-Rite chef's apron, 24 place mats, a beverage holder, sandwich wrappers along with cups and spoons. This is a very popular gift and customers are often seen gifting the Party Pack to their family or friends.

Maid-Rite franchise restaurants
Maid-Rite franchise restaurants are always on the lookout for the right franchisee candidates. The candidate should love being around people and enjoy doing their job and serving the customers. He should realize the importance of gracious hospitality as well as serving great delicious food. The employees working in the restaurant should look upon the franchisee for motivation and inspiration. If you have the passion to work hard, please your customers with great food in a clean environment, then you are the right candidate to apply for Rite franchise restaurants.

The Maid-Rite restaurant franchise will cost you between $250, 000 and $350, 000. The business is leased in 1, 300-square-foot facility and that includes millwork, equipment, furniture, inventory, working capital etc. Building and land costs may be additional expenditures for a freestanding restaurant. Generally speaking, the franchise candidate arranges for $50, 000 to $125, 000 and gets a bank to do the financing and to bear the start-up costs. The restaurant can be operational within 60 to 150 days but will depend on site availability and existing facilities. One can contact the administration of Maid-Rite restaurant via phone, e-mail or fax.
The Maid-Rite restaurant franchisees must carry a strong entrepreneurial spirit and have an intrinsic strong work ethic within them. They should have firm belief in them and willing to serve their customers with aplomb. All franchisees need to attend Maid-Rite University and see how the restaurants work in Des Moines, Iowa. They need to attend classroom training at the corporate headquarters too before opening any Maid-Rite franchise restaurant. The on-site trainers of the corporate will spend 1-2 weeks training the franchisee's candidates.

The Maid-Rite University educational and training programs will be of great benefit to the candidates. The practical experience they get during the classroom at their national headquarters goes a long way in giving a valuable insight on the functioning of Rite restaurants. After the training, the candidate will feel 100% confident that he can manage their Maid-Rite restaurant with complete confidence. All these Franchise candidates are also certified once they complete the in-depth franchisee training programs. They understand how to open a maid-rite and the right operating procedures. They also gain information on restaurant floor plan designs, accounting & financial management training as well as equipment design. Great stress is laid on menu preparation & quality standards. They imbibe valuable customer sales & service training, management training and how to follow quality control procedures. They also learn about getting advertising and promotional as well as ongoing management support.

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